The New Peoples Choice Party Platform

Together, we will put people over parties.  We will send the political establishment a strong message.”

Daryl Christoff | Party Leader & Candidate for University-Rosedale

Congestion Charge: freeing Toronto’s urban core

Every year, 10 billion dollars in productivity is lost from Ontario’s economy due to traffic congestion in the City of Toronto. We feel it is of the utmost importance to reduce congestion in the urban core of Toronto.

Under this proposal, from Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm, a $20 per day fee will be applied to drivers coming into Toronto’s urban core. Transit vehicles, EMS, registered carpools, those with extenuating circumstances and downtown residents will be exempt.

Forward-thinking cities around the world like Stockholm, Singapore, London and Milan operate under this model and have benefited tremendously. Overall, these cities have seen a 25% reduction in traffic in their urban centres, and their citizens now enjoy lower air pollution and are healthier as a result.

Congestion Charge revenues will be used specifically to fund improvements to transit services. Cleaner air and calmer, less stressed out drivers means a dramatic decrease in health problems for Ontarians and much, much safer streets.

Affordable Housing

For many people, the dream of owning a home is becoming more distant with every passing year. Affordable housing isn’t just an urban issue, it’s an Ontario issue.

Across the province, housing prices are outpacing wages and inflation, and more people are borrowing money to make their dreams a reality. Home ownership used to be an achievable first step on the path to financial security, now, it has become a life-long burden for many people.

When homes are unaffordable for the vast majority of people, it impacts homeowners and renters. We will work for the benefit of Ontarians living in all regions of the province. The New People’s Choice Party is committed to developing Affordable Housing for all Ontarians.

We’re not Socialist, but we believe in Safety Nets

Canada was built on a strong foundation of individual achievement combined with social integration. We’ve changed with the times to include programs like Employment Insurance, Universal Healthcare and Public Education. As the economy and our society have become more global, many of these programs are due for an update.

Municipally, provincially, and federally we’ve found ways to see these programs succeed and provide a social safety net without impeding the rights of citizens or encumbering our provincial budget. The New People’s Choice is committed to ensuring Ontario’s safety nets stay in place for all citizens while providing thorough oversight to these programs.

Commonsense Drug Policy: legalize, tax, regulate

Marijuana has become one of Canada’s fastest growing industrial sectors. The New People’s Choice has a plan to use a retail marijuana sales tax (RMST) to fund healthcare and other programs that make Ontario a great place to live.

We have seen this model work in American and European jurisdictions, and with it Ontario will become the first Canadian province to fully appreciate the benefits of legalization. Our plan will allow us to increase funding for hospitals, long-term care and many other underfunded social services that are currently being pushed well past their limits.

We also support distribution of legal pot through independent channels and not government-run OCS stores. It is of paramount importance that cannabis products being sold legally in Ontario meet the highest possible standards of safety. This can be accomplished through stringent licensure for retailers. There is no need to impose a job-killing government monopoly over marijuana sales.

Supporting regulated and monitored small businesses is vital to growing Ontario’s economic success and our way of doing things ensures competition, allowing independent retailers to thrive and create tens of thousands of jobs province-wide.

Leave Austerity Behind: striving for optimization

Ever hear of the 6 million dollar man? What about the 4 million dollar man at Ontario Hydro? That’s what their CEO was paid in 2017. There are budget errors to be found everywhere. With one of the largest debt-ratios in North America, Ontario needs to find out where to trim the fat, fast. 

Let’s be clear. This is not an austerity agenda that will squeeze everyday Ontarians to their breaking point. This is the simple suggestion that instead of 4 million a year, the CEO of a company with a large public stake should take home a more reasonable amount.

This isn’t socialism or hating on the rich. We like rich people and our policies will help more Ontarians join their ranks. This is just common sense.

Protecting our Water and Preserving our Greenbelts: returning to our roots of environmental stewardship and conservationism

In years past, taking care of our environment was not a Liberal, Conservative or NDP issue. As our population continues to increase, we need to place renewed emphasis on conserving our greenspace.

Creating easier access to Ontario’s vast wilderness for everyone ensures that our environment is respected, explored and enjoyed by current and future generations of Ontarians.

A top priority of the New People’s Choice is reviewing existing protections for Ontario’s watersheds and greenbelts. This includes review of existing and upcoming resource-based contracts and agreements to make absolutely sure that Ontarians are truly getting the best deal, especially when our land is involved.

Retrofitting Everything, Province-Wide: Ontario 2.0

Updating the physical makeup of our towns and cities and using modern technologies to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Let’s be clear, this policy will save Ontarians billions, create tens of thousands of jobs, and be great for the for the environment.

Retrofitting our buildings through public-private partnerships is the key to job creation in Ontario’s new economy. Sustainability is a core value of this policy, and of our Party.

Healthcare: dramatic results

Make no mistake. Our platform will save the province billions, and while we could shovel all of it directly into the money-pit that is Ontario’s healthcare system we won’t have to.

We will increase healthcare spending in the province, particularly for Northern communities, but if our policies become reality there will be no need to increase total health spending by tens of billions of dollars.

Our policies will make Ontarians healthier. Clean air, less congestion, less stress and more jobs. All of these factors work together subtly and powerfully to keep us out of hospitals. With forward-thinking, common-sense policies, Ontarians will begin to enjoy lower rates of chronic disease and stress-related illnesses.

These are big statements – we know – but we’re saying is completely true. Places with policy playbooks similar to ours all have healthier people living in them, and it’s up to us to make the choice to join their ranks.

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