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Every election, countless candidates step forward to run with one main purpose: giving voice to local issues and improving democracy. This takes gumption, tough work, and is a big sacrifice. So why do people do it? In short, because we believe Ontarians are more important than parties.

Sadly, good candidates, once elected, have their ideas silenced by the big establishment parties who got them there. That’s why we’ve created the New People’s Choice Party. We’re here to present Ontarians with a new choice, one that’s honest, authentic, commonsense and operates with genuine integrity and goodness. 

We are Ontario’s future.

In Ontario, we’re the missing link Queen’s Park desperately needs. As the pendulum swings Right and Left Ontarians find themselves suffocated by too much government or strangled by shoestring budgets. We need a sane balance, and we need a voice at Queen’s Park to fight for it, to be that missing link.

A New Way Forward for Ontario

Tired of Wynne, Ford and the rest? Us too. The New Peoples' Choice offers a bold new alternative that puts people over parties. #peopleOverPartiesClick here to learn about our platform and please share! #UniRose #UniversityRosedale #Toronto https://thenewpeopleschoiceparty.com/platform/

Posted by Daryl Christoff on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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